Sequoia Healthcare brings you an advanced and affordable Inspiration 64 Slice CT Scanner with smart features and large bore design

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All in one CT platform that is easy to reach
  • 3D Vision camera Auto positioning and remote control
  • Smart workflow From topogram to diagnosis
  • HD imaging chain 1024 matrix
  • New detector design Shorten X-ray path, and improves image quality
  • 75cm large gantry aperture Exceed routine scanning, and good for radiotherapy planning
  • Excellent iodine contrast 70kv improves image contrast
  • Enhanced patient care with less dose Keep good image quality while using less radiation dose
  • Multi-discipline applications From radiology to treatment departments
  • Couch up/down go easily with your CT Procedures
  • Advanced features 75cm gantry aperture
  • High quality image 32rows, 64slice, 0.3125mm slice thickness
  • Full-range application 3D Volume +70kV imaging
  • Fast work-flow Smart Positioning

High Definition with low radiation dose: 2llp/cm high resolution Restore real previously unseen structures.

3D Vision Camera: Automatic scan, improves scanning efficiency, and promotes standardized scanning.

Full Smart Imaging Chain: Smart positioning, scanning, reconstruction, post-processing, diagnosis, easy to learn and easy to use

Combined Diagnosis and Treatment: 75cm large bore first-class CT experience Surgical planning and treatment available.

75cm Large Bore for Wide & Easy Applications

75cm Large Bore 65cm Extended field of view

ct scanner Precision 32 pre ownerd


Digital tilting ± 45°tilt range
  • • Rotation 0.7 Sec   
  • • Optimize workflow    
  • • More stable    
  • • More Precision    
precise p axial imaging technique patent

Large Bore for Wide Applications

Positioning and scan flexibility for complex-type patient

75cm scan space/210kg table capacity and 21Lp/cm Resolution is easy to position obese patients comfortably without compromising dose and image quality

Obesity Patient

500mm FOV

600mm FOV

Technical Specification
Gantry System
  • Gantry Control Panel
  • Gantry Aperture: 750mm
  • Scan Control Box
  • Breathing Lights
  • Auto Voice
  • Multi-lingual Auto Voice
  • Auto table position
X-Ray System
  • X-ray Tube :Anode heat capacity 2.0MHu
  • Equivalent anode heat capacity 5.4MHU (with iDream)
  • Maximum anode cooling rate 336kHU/min
  • HV. Generator:Up to 32kW
  • Tube Voltage Option:70kV,80kV,100kV,120kV,140Kv
  • Tube current option:10-350mA
GOS (solid state Detector)
  • Material: Solid State - High Performance Multi-slice Ceramic
  • Detector Rows: 32 Rows
  • Minimum Slice thickness: 0.3125mm
  • Data Acquisition Mode: 64×0.625mm, 32×0.625mm, 16×0.625mm, 2×0.315mm
Patient Table
  • Maximum Horizontal movement range: 1600mm
  • Maximum scan range: 1570mm
  • Table load capacity: 210kg
  • Table Accessories
Scan Parameters
  • Scan Times:0.7s,0.8s、0.9s,1.0s,1.5s,2.0s /(360°)
  • 64 Slices /Rotation(Axial and helical scan)
  • Spiral exposure: Up to 100 sec. of uninterrupted spiral scanning
  • Reconstruction Rate: Up to 40 images per second
Image Quality
  • High Contrast Resolution:21.0 Lp/cm @ cut-off
  • Low Contrast Resolution: 2.0 mm @ 0.3%
  • High resolution reconstruction Matrix 1024x1024
Dose Management
  • Auto mA selection
  • Z-DOM (Longitudinal Dose Modulation)
  • A-DOM (Angular Dose Modulation)
  • Dose Displays
  • Dedicated Pediatric Protocols
  • Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm
Console Computer
  • Operation Console Computer
  • 24″ LCD Monitor
  • Image Management and Archiving
  • DVD
  • Networking/Connectivity
  • DICOM Connectivity DICOM
Scan Tools
  • Patient handling and setup
  • Scan Planning
  • Expert Protocol Planning
  • Preset Post-processing
  • Manual Scan
  • Automatic Scan
  • Quick Start
  • Quick Setup
  • DICOM Modality Worklist DICOM
Image View and Process Tools
  • Auto Window Display
  • Image Graphics
  • Relate Slice
  • Relate Slice
Clinical Software
  • Multiple Planar Reformat(MPR)
  • Maximum or Minimum Intensity Projection (MIP)
  • Curve Plannar Reformat (CPR)
  • 3D SSD
  • Brain perfusion
  • Vessel Analysis
  • Volume Rendering
  • Virtual Endoscopy
  • Bolus Tracking
  • Ultra-High-Resolution Matrices
System Accessory
  • System Phantom, Phantom holder

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