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Precision 32 Dual-Energy CT with Precise Tomographic Techniques

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  • Precise P-Axial imaging technique patent
  • Pioneering Dual-Energy imaging platform for 32 slices
  • Professional low dose control system
  • Intelligent medical imaging workstation

Professional low dose control system

Ultralow Dose Scan: Precision 32 CT has ultra-low 60kV/70kV scan in the industry, which reduces the damage of CT radiation to the patients by reducing the energy of X-rays;

P-Dose 3D Precise MA Modulation: The radiation dose of the subjects was further reduced by intelligently adjusting the scanning dose at different locations according to the density, body shape and weight.

P-IR Advanced Double Domain Iterative Reconstruction: Denoising algorithms are applied to both the raw projection data domain and the reconstructed image domain to improve image quality.

ct scanner Precision 32 pre ownerd

Precise P-Axial imaging technique patent

P-Axial, an innovative scanning protocol combined with novel reconstruction algorithms, improves the Z-Axial resolution of the patient's image, which consequently can increase the detection rate of minor lesions.

precise p axial imaging technique patent

Pioneering Dual-Energy imaging platform for 32 slices

For the first time, the Dual-Energy imaging technology is widely used in 32 slices CT, which makes qualitative and quantitative diagnosis of lesions and tissues that are diffcult to be characterized by conventional CT, improves diagnostic accuracy and safety, and improves the success rate of image diagnosis to a new height.

pioneering dual energy imaging platform for 32 slices

Dual-Energy imaging

Dual-Energy imaging can identify uric acid, calcium oxalate, cystine, magnesium ammonium phosphate and other components in stones, and help doctors to develop more accurate treatment plans for patients.

ct scanner dual energy imaging

The Precise Tomographic Technique

The thickness of the precision tomography images is only 0.275mm, both the inner ear structures such as the ossicles and cochlea the relationship between the inner ear structures are clearly visible, such as the connection of the malleus and the corpora incudis.

The conventional tomographic inner ear image

the precision 32 precise tomographic inner ear image

The Precision 32 precise tomographic inner ear image

Intelligent Medical Imaging Workstation
intelligent medical imaging workstation

According to DICOM 3.0 international standard, the self-developed CIW workstation completely complies with standards of medical images, including functions of obtaining, processing, analyzing, managing,archiving, querying, browsing,printing, standard image format output, report writing and so on. At the same time, CIW also contains many other advanced clinical applications.

VR/MPR/CPR/MIP/AIP/MinlP/SSDSD and other image display methods

Automatic Bone Removal, Bed Removal

Virtual endoscopy

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