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Focused on excellent performance, Sequoia 1.5T perfectly meets your needs of quantitative study in MRI practice — with new generation of quantitative analysis tools to fulfill precision medicine anal latest at plications to broaden your clinical scope.
Also with advanced MUSIC technology it enables fast image acquisition and multiple exams without responding.
See more with MUSIC technology and optimized imaging
  • The new Music (Multi-Segment Imaging Combination) technology advanced MR Imaging and tornado technology reduces motion artifacts.
  • The PDFF and CQ provide quantitative information for your MRI practice.
Do more with brand-new software platform
  • A brand-new Lonwin station 2.0 is provided for the MR system users-friendly.
Expect more from our services
  • With 12 years of proven used acceptance, international spare parts centres and professional transportation container you can expect more from your scanner.


MUSIC (Multi-Segment Imaging Combination) improves MR imaging with flexibility precision and speed. It perfectly integrates a maximum number of 66 channels and provides 16 independent RF channels to be used simultaneously in one single scan and in one FOV. It enhances image quality and acquisition speed to a crane new level. With MUSIC s body coverage, repositioning patients for multiple exams is no longer necessary.

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Music easy to use with more adaptability and versatility. You only need to choose the examination you want with out the coils replacement, which improves workflow and increase productivity.


With excellent and pinpointed precision, MUSIC provides excellent images quality from small lensions to the whole body.


With MUSIC, the examination set-up is faster and simpler, and acquisition time is shorter. Now patient volume can really skyrocket

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Sequoia 1.5T is ready for the future and based on our new software platform, it helps you keep the pace with new MRI trends and developments

Intuitive Guide

It enables you to easily access your most common protocols by selecting the according body parts you want to examine.

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Cartilage Quantification ver 2.0

cartilage quantification is a non-invasive imaging method to assess articular integrity, detect early cartilage degeneration,. Its provides better visualization of collagen fiber network loss or degradation that translates into focal T1 and T2 variation.

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Spectro Package

The Spectro package is used to present spectroscopy data after processing. Single Voxel (SV) and Chemi-cal Shift Imaging (CSI) datasets can be analyzed

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mLIVE Ver. 2.0

A visualization platform that gives you access to advanced post-pro-cessing technology. Use PDFF method and automatically segment and measure fat in the liver by generating quantitative fat-fraction maps.

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